2017 Junior High All State


Coach of The Year = Don Holman      Choctaw

Outstanding Wrestler = John Wiley    Mustang

 6th & 7th Grade - 68
 1st Place - Hunter Hollingsworth of TeamChoctaw
 2nd Place - Canon Acklin of COLLINSVILLE
 3rd Place - Caydon Miller of Sapulpa
 4th Place - Gehrig Furr of MarlowOutlaws
 5th Place - Blaten Kemble of PCWildcat
 6th Place - Boog Jeffries of TeamChoctaw

6th & 7th Grade - 72

1st Place - Cael Hughes of Stillwater

2nd Place - Caden Holman of TeamChoctaw

3rd Place - Kaiser Simpson of Cushing

4th Place - Sam Smith of Stillwater

5th Place - Caison Muncrief of Chickasha

6th Place - Jude Randall of EdmondNorth

6th & 7th Grade - 76

1st Place - Christian Kaiser of Bixby

2nd Place - Christian Forbes of SandSprings

3rd Place - George Delonia of TeamTulsa

4th Place - Josey Jernegan of Skiatook

5th Place - Kaden Smith of Bridge Creek JR High

6th Place - Kaden Hinson of MooreLions

6th & 7th Grade - 80

1st Place - Cole Brooks of COLLINSVILLE

2nd Place - Cale Walden of TeamChoctaw

3rd Place - Jace Roller of Bixby

4th Place - Conner Knapp of Deer Creek

5th Place - Braden Potts of Tuttle

6th Place - Aiden Odell of BlackwellMiddleSchool

6th & 7th Grade - 84

1st Place - Cutter Sheets of Stilwell

2nd Place - Hunter Waits of RAW

3rd Place - Grant Edwards of Oologah

4th Place - Keaton Story of Deer Creek

5th Place - Jake McCain of Ed Memorial

6th Place - Parker Witcraft of CowetaJrHigh

6th & 7th Grade - 88

1st Place - Hunter Fitzpatrick of LocustGrove

2nd Place - Kidd Johnson of Mustang

3rd Place - Reece Moffett of Southmoore

4th Place - Karsten Rice of Bixby

5th Place - Micheal Edwards of Warriorwrestling

6th Place - Jaxen Wright of RAW

6th & 7th Grade - 92

1st Place - John Wiley of Mustang

2nd Place - Cameron Steed of COLLINSVILLE

3rd Place - Chapman Mckown of NormanNorth

4th Place - EJ Tecson of TeamTulsa

5th Place - Jakeb Snyder of RAW

6th Place - Garhett Reese of Stillwater

6th & 7th Grade - 96

1st Place - Jordan Cullors of COLLINSVILLE

2nd Place - Blake Jones of SandSprings

3rd Place - Shaun Muse of TeamChoctaw

4th Place - Jack Golowenski of Tuttle

5th Place - Jace Woodrow of Skiatook

6th Place - Hudson Vaughn of Bixby

6th & 7th Grade - 100

1st Place - Brent Dawson of Independent

2nd Place - Parker Brown of Tuttle

3rd Place - Reece Davis of Tuttle

4th Place - Gabriel Roland of PoncaCity

5th Place - Gabe Fontanez of Stillwater

6th Place - Noah Smith of TulsaUnion

6th & 7th Grade - 105

1st Place - Cory Hicks of Durant

2nd Place - Landon Valenzuela of Southmoore

3rd Place - Walker Hill of Bixby

4th Place - Ashton Ward of PCWildcat

5th Place - Kale Visnieski of Weatherford

6th Place - Jesse Tisdell of TeamChoctaw

6th & 7th Grade - 110

1st Place - Jaxon Randall of EdmondNorth

2nd Place - JP Martinez of Duncan

3rd Place - Christian Mora of BlackwellMiddleSchool

4th Place - Jaston Jackson of Mustang

5th Place - Caleb Rogers of TulsaUnion

6th Place - Jonah Stephenson of Bixby

6th & 7th Grade - 120

1st Place - Harley Andrews of Tuttle

2nd Place - Kyle Wilson of MarlowOutlaws

3rd Place - Dax Hughes of Stillwater

4th Place - Corey Chilcoat of Catoosa

5th Place - Cameron Jackson of PoncaCity

6th Place - Quillan Phipps of Stillwater

6th & 7th Grade - 130

1st Place - Zeke Coleman of TeamChoctaw

2nd Place - Wyatt Hartley of COLLINSVILLE

3rd Place - Jersey Robb of NormanHigh

4th Place - Jose Flores of Inola

5th Place - Colt Fischer of tironookschoolofwrestling

6th Place - Sam Schmidt of Tuttle

6th & 7th Grade - 140

1st Place - Cory Monroe of TeamChoctaw

2nd Place - Andy Mejia of Tuttle

3rd Place - Coal Mountain Madison of Guthrie

4th Place - Cole Carroll of EdmondNorth

5th Place - Sam Hoffman of Weatherford

6th Place - Josh Ralston of Weatherford

6th & 7th Grade - 161

1st Place - Devin Wilson of Skiatook

2nd Place - Anthony Smiddy of Duncan

3rd Place - Thad Hicks of Geary

4th Place - Brooks Dudley of SandSprings

5th Place - Micheal Devereaux of ElReno

6th Place - Adam Brown of Stilwell

6th & 7th Grade - 285

1st Place - Caleb Phillips of CowetaJrHigh

2nd Place - Ky Roller of Bixby

3rd Place - Carson Cottrill of Stillwater

4th Place - Jacob Sexton of Deer Creek

5th Place - Teagan Leblanc of EdmondNorth

6th Place - Nathan Easky of Skiatook