2017 Junior High All State

            7, 8, 9th Grade Division

     Coach of The Year  =  Shane Head      Tuttle

     Outstanding Wrestler  = Konner Doucet     Comanche

Junior High - 87

1st Place - Jordan Williams of Collinville

2nd Place - Zach Blankenship of Bixby

3rd Place - Jason Gilbert of DeerCreek

4th Place - Garett Strickland of Collinville

5th Place - Luke Ahrberg of Cushing

6th Place - Bryce Cockrell of BrokenArrow

Junior High - 94

1st Place - Carter Young of SandSprings

2nd Place - Eli Griffin of CasciaHall

3rd Place - Blazik Perez of BrokenArrow

4th Place - Caleb Williams of Harrah

5th Place - Braden Drake of Wagoner

6th Place - Brock Harris of Ed Memorial

Junior High - 101

1st Place - Tucker Owens of Yukon

2nd Place - Ryan Smith of Perry

3rd Place - Jackson Cockrell of BrokenArrow

4th Place - Kristopher Humble of PCWildcat

5th Place - Jared Hill of BrokenArrow

6th Place - Casey Goss of BrokenArrow

Junior High - 108

1st Place - Gabe Johnson of TeamChoctaw

2nd Place - Rocky Stephens of Collinville

3rd Place - Seth Jones of SandSprings

4th Place - Jaylon Otero of Catoosa

5th Place - Jake Wright of Southmoore

6th Place - Gabe Valencia of Perry

Junior High - 113

1st Place - Tagen Jamison of Durant

2nd Place - Cade Manion of DeerCreek

3rd Place - Eli Benham of Collinville

4th Place - Dalton Burdick of Tuttle

5th Place - Josh Taylor Jr of Skiatook

6th Place - Jaydale Whitlock of Miami

Junior High - 118

1st Place - Luke Surber of Tuttle

2nd Place - Cade Nicholas of Stillwater

3rd Place - Bam West of Ed Memorial

4th Place - Tanner Robinson of Stillwater

5th Place - Ti Lockwood of Wagoner

6th Place - Teven Thammavongsa of WesternHeights

Junior High - 123

1st Place - Josh Parks of Blanchard

2nd Place - Ryder Ramsey of Tuttle

3rd Place - Luke Collett of Checotah

4th Place - Branden Elrod of Jenks

5th Place - Peyton Messenger of BrokenArrow

6th Place - Christopher Dugger of Independent

Junior High - 128

1st Place - Kolby DePron of Bridge Creek

2nd Place - Brett Black of SandSprings

3rd Place - Timothy Trigg of DeerCreek

4th Place - Roarke Simpson of Southmoore

5th Place - Kyler Damron of Harrah

6th Place - Gage Shetley of Tuttle

Junior High - 133

1st Place - Drake Vannoy of EdmondNorth

2nd Place - Tate Picklo of Mustang

3rd Place - Cale Glover of Skiatook

4th Place - Kolten Allphin of Warriorwrestling

5th Place - Kaden Charboneau of Wagoner

6th Place - Billy Reeves of Miami

Junior High - 138

1st Place - Cougar Andersen of Skiatook

2nd Place - Bryce Mattioda of BrokenArrow

3rd Place - Wyatt Berry of Blanchard

4th Place - Nathan Adamson of Elgin

5th Place - CJ Kirby of SandSprings

6th Place - Brier Smith of Salina

Junior High - 143

1st Place - Micah Lugafet of DeerCreek

2nd Place - Brady Dearmond of Tuttle

3rd Place - Hunter Hall of Skiatook

4th Place - Killian McGrew of Jenks

5th Place - Enrique Barcenas of Shawnee

6th Place - Tyson Walker of Duncan

Junior High - 150

1st Place - Joseph Sylvester of Mustang

2nd Place - Thad Williams of TeamChoctaw

3rd Place - Richee Lee of Owasso

4th Place - Braden Roller of Bixby

5th Place - Mason Olguin of EdmondSantaFe

6th Place - Colby Simpson of Ed Memorial

Junior High - 160

1st Place - Dustin Plott of Tuttle

2nd Place - Trey Bowman of EdmondNorth

3rd Place - Donovan Shafer of Cache

4th Place - Tyler Stevens of Berryhill

5th Place - Brian Pollard of Skiatook

6th Place - Devon Baez of Bridge Creek

Junior High - 175

1st Place - Daniel Hishaw of MooreLions

2nd Place - Brannigan Reyes of Mustang

3rd Place - Zeno Marchesseli of BrokenArrow

4th Place - Landon Brown of Oologah

5th Place - Kohner Gallagher of Ada

6th Place - Tyren Robb of NormanHigh

Junior High - 200

1st Place - Konner Doucet of Comanche

2nd Place - Luke Fortney of Bristow

3rd Place - Cabe Dickerson of TeamWorx

4th Place - Cooper Webb of Davis

5th Place - Taylor Fleming of LocustGrove

6th Place - Judson Rowland of Mustang

Junior High - 285

1st Place - Hunter Largent of Noble

2nd Place - Marquan Journey of Southmoore

3rd Place - Josh McKim of Durant

4th Place - Alton Allen of Perkins-TyronJH

5th Place - Kaivon Fennell of NormanHigh

6th Place - Ryan Cochran of Claremore

8th Place - Kaden Jones of Collinville