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Outstanding Wrestler   GABE JOHNSON , CHOCTAW          Coach:    MATT HOLMAN, CHOCTAW


6th & 7th Grade - 68
1st Place - Carter Young of RAW
2nd Place - Tucker Owens of Matrix
3rd Place - Garrett Strickland of Collinsville
4th Place - Chapman McKown of Matrix
5th Place - Kenneth Adams of BLUE-TXTREME
6th Place - Cooper Britton of MooreLions

6th & 7th Grade - 72
1st Place - Shaun Muse of TEAMCHOCTAW
2nd Place - John Wiley of Mustang
3rd Place - Cutter Sheets of Stilwell
4th Place - Luke Ahrberg of Cushing
5th Place - Jackson Cockrell of BrokenArrow
6th Place - Braeden Williams of Blanchard

6th & 7th Grade - 76
1st Place - Jordan Williams of Collinsville
2nd Place - Eli Griffin of Cascia Hall
3rd Place - Cruz Aguilar of Edmond
4th Place - Jacob Adams of Vian
5th Place - Keegan Luton of Mustang
6th Place - Blake Jones of SS Wrestling

6th & 7th Grade - 80
1st Place - Gabe Johnson of TEAMCHOCTAW
2nd Place - Bryce Dauphin of Tuttle
3rd Place - Cooper Park of Sperry
4th Place - Kristopher Humble of PC Cats
5th Place - Dayton Cary of Newkirk
6th Place - Jake Denney of Charger Wrestling

6th & 7th Grade - 84
1st Place - Eli Benham of Collinsville
2nd Place - Jacob Wright of SouthMoore
3rd Place - Dj Anderson of Cascia Hall
4th Place - Jordan Duncan of Duncan
5th Place - Kolby Encenis of Pryor
6th Place - Killian McNichol of Owasso

6th & 7th Grade - 88
1st Place - Jackson Oplotnik of Edmond
2nd Place - Logan Shropshire of Westmoore
3rd Place - Jaylon Otero of Catoosa
4th Place - Cory Hicks of Durant Lions
5th Place - Tevun Thommavongsa of Jet Youth
6th Place - Tagen Jamison of Durant Lions

6th & 7th Grade - 92
1st Place - Gage Miller of TeamIndian
2nd Place - Cody Francis of Collinsville
3rd Place - Kolby DePron of BridgeCreek
4th Place - Tanner Robinson of Stillwater
5th Place - Jacob Schwenker of BigCat Wrestling
6th Place - Keaton Bird of Okmulgee

6th & 7th Grade - 96
1st Place - Tate Picklo of Mustang
2nd Place - Luke Surber of Tuttle
3rd Place - Cody Hicks of Durant Lions
4th Place - Levi Mcconnell of G.DUB
5th Place - Blake Ramos of Team NEO
6th Place - Harley Andrews of Hinton

6th & 7th Grade - 100
1st Place - Seth Jones of SSWrestling
2nd Place - Kyler Damron of TEAMCHOCTAW
3rd Place - Ty Lockwood of Wagoner
4th Place - Connor Hall of Durant Lions
5th Place - Caden Montgomery of Duncan
6th Place - Andy Police of BrokenArrow

6th & 7th Grade - 105
1st Place - Cade Nicholas of Stillwater
2nd Place - Bryce Mattioda of BrokenArrow
3rd Place - Daeqwan Leathers of Riders wrestling
4th Place - Alejandro Rivera of Neo
5th Place - Hunter Hall of Skiatook
6th Place - Kaden Charboneau of Wagoner

6th & 7th Grade - 110
1st Place - Brady DeArmond of Tuttle
2nd Place - Josh Parks of Blanchard
3rd Place - Roarke Simpson of SouthMoore
4th Place - Thad Williams of TEAMCHOCTAW
5th Place - Dylan McCullough of Madill
6th Place - Kolten Allphin of G.DUB

6th & 7th  Grade - 120
1st Place - Drake Vannoy of OWA
2nd Place - Michael Reagan of RAW
3rd Place - Zeno Marcheselli of RAW
4th Place - Cougar Andersen of Sperry
5th Place - Jackson Feist of OWA
6th Place - Christopher Dugger of Team NEO

6th & 7th Grade - 130
1st Place - Cade Cook of Duncan
2nd Place - Peyton Buzbee of RAW
3rd Place - Micah Lugafet of Dee rCreek
4th Place - Draven Weeden of Sperry
5th Place - Brian Pollard of Sperry

6th & 7th Grade - 140
1st Place - Konner Doucet of Team Indian
2nd Place - Gage Hockett of Cushing
3rd Place - Braden Roller of RAW
4th Place - Deuce Hishaw of Moore Lions
5th Place - Luke Miller of Bristow
6th Place - Elijah Ramos of Prague

6th & 7th Grade - 161
1st Place - Jaden Mullin     John Marshall
2nd Place - Tyler Stevens of Berryhill
3rd Place - Taylor Fleming of Locust Grove
4th Place - Noah Kenney of Edmond  Memorial
5th Place - Reece Womack of Sperry
6th Place - Deondre Martinez of Team Worx

6th & 7th Grade - 285
1st Place - Luke Fortney of Bristow
2nd Place - Cooper Webb of Davis
3rd Place - Cabe Dickerson of Team Worx
4th Place - Nico Lopez of Berryhill
5th Place - Josh McKim of Duran  Lions
6th Place - Joey Bell of TEAMCHOCTAW


Junior High - 87
1st Place - Garrett Steidley of Claremore
2nd Place - Val Park of Charger
3rd Place - Laif Jones of Bartlesville
4th Place - Jaxon Miller of Team Indian
5th Place - Donavan Bertram of Tecumseh
6th Place - Tyler Scott of Sapulpa
Junior High - 94
1st Place - Colt Newton of TEAMCHOCTAW
2nd Place - Connor Henson of Collinsville
3rd Place - Alec Mcdoulett of Little Axe
4th Place - Spencer Schickram of PC Cats
5th Place - Remington White of Highlander
6th Place - Cameron Picklo of Mustang
Junior High - 101
1st Place - Caleb Tanner of Collinsville
2nd Place - Cade Shropshire of Westmoore
3rd Place - Hayden Redus of Perry
4th Place - Colton Schneider of Edmond North
5th Place - Ty Nohelty of RAW
6th Place - Jake Ahrberg of Cushing Tigers

Junior High - 108
1st Place - Connor Holman of Chandler
2nd Place - Jack Hammond of Collinsville
3rd Place - Corbyn Edwards of Coweta
4th Place - Jakob Lyons of Sequoyah(Tahlequah)

Junior High - 113
1st Place - Dylan Schickram of PC Cats
2nd Place - Jaxson Roney of Kingfisher
3rd Place - Logan Chappell of Piedmont
4th Place - Brady Mattioda of Broken Arrow
5th Place - Bennett Moudy of Coweta
6th Place - Peter Rolle of Edmond Memorial
8th Place - Drew Dearmond of K2C
8th Place - Caron Watson of Team NEO

Junior High - 118
1st Place - Dustin Plott of OWA
2nd Place - Braden Brown of Timberwolves
3rd Place - Jacob Swenson of PC Cats
4th Place - Bobby Robinson of DeerCreek
5th Place - Bryan Ford of Coweta
6th Place - Noah Loyd of Team Constant

Junior High - 123
1st Place - Blake Muse of TEAM CHOCTAW
2nd Place - Blake Sargent of SS Wrestling
3rd Place - Conner Beichler of Owasso
4th Place - Corbin Ballard of Claremore
5th Place - Brock Hendrix of Berryhill
6th Place - Jalen Hernandez of Team NEO

Junior High - 128
1st Place - Zachary Johnson of Westmoore
2nd Place - Baywiin Hollingshead of Yukon
3rd Place - Bodhi Vann of Vian
4th Place - Jeff Speer of TEAMCHOCTAW
5th Place - Hunter Jump of Lawton Mac
6th Place - Nenebah Biggoose of PC Cats

Junior High - 133
1st Place - Jaxen Gilmore of Yukon
2nd Place - Baylor Smith of Owasso
3rd Place - Caleb Wise of Broken Arrow
4th Place - Chris Vreeland of TEAM CHOCTAW
5th Place - Hunter Perigo of Barnsdall
6th Place - Josh Swanson of Oklahoma Hurricanes

Junior High - 138
1st Place - Zane Coleman of TEAM CHOCTAW
2nd Place - Nate Ussrey of K2C
3rd Place - Kyle Knowles of Deer Creek
4th Place - Kaleb Tabor of Berryhill
5th Place - Bailey Clampitt of Sperry
6th Place - Ian Brown of Heritage Hall

Junior High - 143
1st Place - Jaryn Curry of TEAM CHOCTAW
2nd Place - Jermaine Harring of Team NEO
3rd Place - Jaxon Stratton of Blanchard
4th Place - Kendell Johnson of Geary
5th Place - Caleb Davis of Owasso
6th Place - Walker Brown of OWA

Junior High - 150
1st Place - Whitt Fletcher of Vian
2nd Place - Christian Maldonado of Lawton Mac
3rd Place - Conner Daffin of Sallisaw
4th Place - Jr Winningham of Highlander
5th Place - Sam Hensley of Edmond Memorial
6th Place - JJ Harris of Duncan

Junior High - 160
1st Place - Zach Marcheselli of RAW
2nd Place - Dailen Presgrove of Team Indian
3rd Place - Tony Connor of Collinsville
4th Place - Gavin Potter of Broken Arrow
5th Place - Brock Daniels of Bridge Creek
6th Place - River Simon of Vian

Junior High - 175
1st Place - Dan Baker of Sulphur
2nd Place - Shane Flandermeyer of Westmoore
3rd Place - Caulin Poole of TEAM CHOCTAW
4th Place - Drake Barbee of Stilwell
5th Place - Isaac Garrett of Elgin
6th Place - Maison Duke of Tuttle

Junior High - 200
1st Place - Easton Rendleman of TEAM CHOCTAW
2nd Place - Tyler Thompson of Sperry
3rd Place - Griff Stanley of Deer Creek
4th Place - Mateo Pena of Wagoner
5th Place - Jacob Muench of Geary
6th Place - Logan Daggs of Crossings Christian

Junior High - 285
1st Place - Ryan Bracken of Blanchard
2nd Place - Logan Enger of Fort Gibson
3rd Place - Montana Phillips of Highlander
4th Place - Nathan Thompson of Sperry
5th Place - Brodie Miller of Blackwell
6th Place - Keland Bearpaw of Sapulpa


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